Mobile phone snatching

Hike in Hackney’s mobile phone snatches: Thieves on bikes and mopeds take 48 in one day

See this CCTV footage of how thieves mount the pavement on bikes and mopeds to snatch people’s phones while they are using them.

Criminals – who typically work in pairs on stolen mopeds – cruise around to target people using their mobile phones in public places.

They often mount pavements to grab the phones, putting both the victim and passers-by in danger.

Hoxton and Shoreditch are hotspots for the crime.

But police are urging vigilance at all times – particularly at bus stops, outside train stations, pubs and clubs, and when wearing headphones.


About Shellgrove TRA

We are the group of Shellgrove residents who volunteer to run the Tenants and Residents Association and liaise with Hackney Council to maintain the communal areas of the estate, run the community hall and organise events.
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