~ Run by residents for residents ~

This is the group of residents who volunteer their time:
• to liaise with Hackney Council
• arrange TRA and ETRA (‘Enhanced’ i.e. attended by Hackney Council) meetings for all residents to be able to air their concerns and express their needs
• attend walkabouts with Hackney Council representatives and local councillors to point out where repairs are needed (NOT internal house repairs)
• apply for funding and fill out applications for grants
• administer the funds and do accounts
• help determine how funds for improvement should be spent
• run the community hall
• arrange social activities; parties, fun-days, trips, pantomime tickets

Anyone who lives on the estate, whether council tenants, private tenants or owner occupiers is eligible to be a member.
At present the committee officers are:
Chair – Anna
Vice chair – Colette
Treasurer – Noel
Secretary – Joy
Minutes secretary
Correspondance secretary
Community Hall – Pat
Key holders – Madelaine, Pat and
Helpers – Madelaine, Jimmy,

Main contact:

If you would be interested in joining the TRA as a committee member and would like to know more about the job descriptions see the Hackney TRA Handbook.

Helpers are always needed, let us know if you could contribute even just an hour a week of your time. Please email us.

TRA Meetings take place every 3 months on Thursdays at 7.30 pm in the community hall (map)

Estate Walkabouts also happen every 3 months, starting from the Community Hall, to see what repairs need to be done around the estate and share suggestions for improvements.

Meeting Dates are posted about 2 weeks in advance and appear in the list of recent posts. Notices are also posted on the estate noticeboards.

Agendas are posted on this website with the notification of dates before each meeting. You can email us if you’d like something added to the agenda.

ALL RESIDENTS (council tenants, private tenants, owners and leaseholders) ARE VERY WELCOME!
The more people attend, the more effective and lively the meetings are. Do come along to meet people, have your say, contribute ideas and suggestions, become involved or just to listen and learn.


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