Useful Contacts

Shellgrove Estate TRA


Estate Manager: Annette Reid 020 8356 3330
“My role is to attend the Evening Enhanced Tenant’s Residents Association (ETRA) meetings and annual general meetings on the estate and feedback to various departments within Hackney council any queries the Tenants Association may raise at the meetings and co-ordinate the required actions requested at the meeting.”

Estate Officer: Momodu Haddi 020 8356 8042
“My role is to manage the estate by dealing with tenancy and leaseholders queries e.g. dealing with anti-social behavior issues, request to change tenancies, e.g. sole to joint tenancies, to inspect the estate, etc. I also enforce the conditions of the tenancy and leaseholder conditions, where necessary.”

Tenants’ information

Leaseholders and freeholders information

Customer Liaison Officer for Estate Environment: Cherie Joseph 020 8356 1934
Estate Environment email address for compliments and complaints:

Estate Cleaning: 020 8356 2121
Further info on Estate Cleaning Schedule
Manager: Billy Dunne
Emergency weekend cleaning (broken glass, blood, needles, oil, etc.) 07944 295 885
Bulky rubbish collection: * FREE * 5 items per collection, 15 per year 020 8356 6688

Grounds Maintenance
Chris Tsentides – Team Manager: 020 8356 1951

Complaints/ Compliments/ Suggestions:
(Tenancy/ leasehold issues: 020 8356 3770)

Repairs Contact Centre: 020 8356 3691 or email
(If urgent, temporary emergency number: 020 8356 2300).



020 8356 3000

Our local MP is Diane Abbott – see her website

Councillors for Shacklewell Ward:
MichelleGregory & RichardLufkin
Richard Lufkin
Michelle Gregory

Click for info on monthly Councillors Surgeries where you can talk to them in person.

  • Domestic Violence Unit   0800 056 0905
  • Noise reporting   020 8356 4455
  • Roads maintenance (gullies and drainage)   020 8356 2897
  • Report rubbish being dumped 020 8356 3691
  • Street lighting 020 8356 2897
  • Stray animals (animal warden) 020 8356 6688
  • Housing and Council Tax Benefit   020 8356 3399
  • Council Tax Queries   020 8356 3154
  • Wardens  020 8356 6867 Hackney Council now employs wardens to patrol the area on Friday and Saturday nights with a mission to curb anti-social behaviour related to the night-time economy.
  • CCTV  020 8356 2379  Many public spaces in Hackney, including the controlled drinking zone outside the Rio Cinema, are equipped with CCTV cameras. Contact the CCTV team, for instance to draw their attention to anti-social behaviour that they could be monitoring.

101 – the police NON-emergency number. This is the number to call to contact your local police – when it’s less urgent than a 999 call.
For example to:
• give the police information about crime in your area
• speak to the police about a general enquiry
• report your car has been stolen
• report your property has been damaged
• report suspected drug use or dealing in your neighbourhood
• report a minor traffic collision
• report anti-social behaviour


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